Blue Lagoon/ Tenorio National Park


In a study conducted by the University of Costa Rica and the National University, they determined the reason for the color of the blue river (Rio Celeste). In this research, it is ruled out that the color of Rio Celeste is due to an optical phenomenon, rather than a chemical phenomenon.

What happens in the blue river is produced by a series of minerals that are known as silicates aluminous, silicate aluminous are found in the “Bella Vista River” and when it comes together with the “Agria river” which has a pH of degree 3, a special mixture is given which increases the size of the silicate aluminous. This increase is responsible for scattering light, mainly the one found in the region of the blue of the visible spectrum. This phenomenon is known in physics as may escatekl.

Where the magic begins- Buena Vista River joins “Quebrada Agria”

Locals Stories 

Maleku Sacrifice (Local Aboriginal)

There’s a story about this Maleku King, who had to sacrifice her daughter in the river, in order to bring back peace to their people. As she was blue blood when her blood touched the water, the water changed color and that’s how the Blue River was made.

Gods Brushes

There is a local story where it says that the Blue River was where god washed he’s brushes after painting the sky.



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